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Donate to ReportOUT

Image by Brian Kyed

Making a donation online is quick and easy and it helps to change people's lives. We are a volunteer-led charity and so all donations go directly into the work that we do. Your vital donations will enable us to continue our work. You can give as little or as much as you like.

To do this, you can donate through our secure donation page. You can choose whether to pay a 'one off' donation or pay a monthly amount to support our work. Or do you want to fundraise for us as an individual or a workplace?

If so please, click here.

Regular donations help us to secure our long-term future and they help us to continue to be here to report, inform and defend the human rights of sexual and gender minorities globally. However, we appreciate a one-off donation just as much!  


As a volunteer-led charity your donations will go directly to our work. We do not have large overheads and so your money will go directly to funding our projects. 


It's easy to donate via text!
Text REPORTOUT 3 to 7005
to donate £3

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Participate in our lottery with tickets only £1 per week! 

Purchasing tickets is just one of the many ways you can help us continue to offer and expand our service.

-> 50% your chosen cause

-> 10% LGBTQ+ causes

Image by Denin Lawley

Can you help us to train the next generation of activists and campaigners by sponsoring a place for someone on our annual OUTAcademy training? Be part of making social change happen for a human rights activist in another nation state!  

Can you give £100 to sponsor a place on our annual training course? 

As part of our OUTAcademy, we annually train up new activists in some of the most dangerous parts of the world. We want human rights abuses to stop against sexual and gender minorities and at ReportOUT, we recognise that change should come from the people on the ground. We simply provide them with the tools, support and skills that new campaigners and activists need. 

Currently we are seeking donations to train up 30 human rights activists in 30 different countries as part of our OUTAcademy which will be happening in the summer of 2021. 


Our annual OUTAcademy focuses on supporting brand new campaigners and activists to become trained to in a safe way, to tackle issues faced by homo/bi/trans/intersexphobia and to make social change happen in their own nation state. Our annual training has a focus on people from Global South countries, but we also have spaces for people from Global North countries.

If you can give £100, your donation will directly:

  • secure a space for one new activist/campaigner from another nation state to be part of our week-long training course in 2021; 

  • support this new activist with £100 to start their own campaign to create social change for the human rights of sexual and gender minorities in their own nation state. ReportOUT will not keep any of this money, it will go directly to the activist but will be monitored by us; 

  • enable you to help the work of somebody else in another part of the globe.  

ReportOUT will be publishing the changes that these activists have made in our newsletter, in our annual review and on our EducateOUT Project page once they complete their training. You will be able to see the effects of what your donation will bring to them. If you can give £100 toward this, please donate below and tick the box so we know where you want your money to go. 

Whether you are donating a one-off amount, setting up a monthly payment or sponsoring an activist at our OUTAcademy, we thank you for your compassion, support and kindness!

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